The 17th Annual Skills for Chefs Conference to be held in Sheffield this year will certainly have an international flavour.

David McKown, Director of the Conference commented "We are excited to announce that representatives ofMSA, The Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul will be participating in this year’s conference".

The MSA is the leading professional culinary school in Turkey and the region, and one of the highlights of their involvement will be a series of master class presentations from Cem Erol their Executive Instructor Chef.

Having worked all over the world Cem Erol was the Executive Chef at the W Hotel responsible for all the kitchens including the Spice Market designed by the world famous chef Jean Georges Vongerichten.

Cem Erol will also be one of the judges for the UK Young Restaurant Team of the Year Competition that takes place at the conference. The theme of the competition this year is Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine and the winning team and their mentor will travel to Istanbul to take in the food culture of the city and spend time at the MSA. Cem Erol commented "The region has a vast food culture that embraces and synthesizes influences ranging from the Aegean, through North Africa to the Middle East and Mesopotamia due to the Ottoman legacy, I am looking forward to welcoming the wining team to Istanbul and the MSA".

Founded in 2004, MSAis approved by international accreditation organisations such as City & Guilds, Pearson/Ed Excel and Scottish Qualification Authority. MSA's culinary programs were recognised by WACS, World Association of Chef Societies and received the Highest Quality in Professional Education award in 2011. David McKown, Director of Skills for Chefs commented "I had the privilege of visiting the MSA earlier this year and was amazed at the quality of theteaching facilities and the outstanding cuisine, I was also very impressed with the restaurants in the city and their modern interpretations on the classic cuisines of the region".


David McKown added "the involvement of the MSA at the Skills for Chefs Conference stretches beyond the demonstrations and their involvement in the competition, I am delighted to announce that they will also be working with Tracy Carr, Executive at The University for Sheffield to create a Turkish Dinner at one of our informal evenings". Sitare Baras, Managing Director of MSA commented "We believe that Skills for Chefs is a great platform for our mission thatMSA will connect with the leading chefs in the UK, we will be able to engage in an effective culinary information exchange with the participating chefs and there will be immense learning opportunities for everyone attending. Sitare continued "with the demo on Turkish and East Med cuisine, we will introduce the participants to a somewhat obscure cuisine and culinary heritage that will provide chefs with some creative ideas, during the dinner, we hope to amaze delegates with the variety, ingenuity and creativity of the ingredients, food culture and cooking techniques.


The 17th Skills for Chefs & 3rd Skills for Service Conference organised by The University of Sheffield takes place on 9 & 10 July 2014. The business programme makes use of the excellent facilities at Sheffield City College and the accommodation for residential delegates is at the Endcliffe Village at the University.

For further details call 0114 222 8916 or visit www.skillsforchefs.co.uk and www.skillsforservice.co.uk

For further information on the MSA visit http://www.msa.com.tr


Facts about the MSA

With more than 4500 graduates working around the world, MSA is the pioneer in Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine and will celebrate its 10th year anniversary in 2014.


More about Turkish Cuisine

There are several reasons a chef should get to know Turkish and East Med Cuisine:

The royal cuisine of Istanbul, the former seat of one of the last great empires; the Ottoman Empire and host to diverse cultures such as Sefarad Jewish, Armenian, Persian, Arab, Central Asian and Greek sub cuisines. 

Understand the importance of Turkey's strategic location as the last stop on the Spice route and its bridging position between the Orient and Occident.

Anatolian cuisine contains some of the most fundamental and influential cooking techniques

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