Funding update for 18 years plus students in their 3rd year

Slightly better news than expected from today’s AoC Briefing

The Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock, announced yesterday afternoon that there would be a 2% limit on cuts to spending on 18 year olds, this is a little better than I had been led to believe and will provide some relief to the hardest hit colleges, so it should be welcomed to a certain extent. This mitigation has only taken place because of the superb lobbying you have all done with your local MPs and so we can allow ourselves a small pat on the back. Our major lobbying point remains however – the next Government should undertake a proper review of all DfE spending for 3 – 18 year olds to assess what educating different age groups actually costs and include the whole of the Department in the protected ring-fence and that pending that review 16-18 funding cannot sustain a further cut without quality suffering and the financial health of colleges being irreparably damaged.


Andy Wilson

Westminster Kingsway College
Victoria Centre
Vincent Square
London   SW1P 2PD
Switchboard: 0870 060 9801

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